WELcome to northpoint la

Welcome! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you are considering Northpoint/LA! Our goal is to do everything we can to help you fulfill God’s call on your life.  If you are considering Northpoint/LA, then you know that God has called you into ministry. This is a high calling that contains both great responsibility and great joy. We want to help you prepare for both.
I also want to welcome you as a partner in a new venture.  Northpoint/LA will be having its first classes this fall. You will be in the very first class of this new college. This means that you will have the undivided attention of your professors and myself. So welcome! Let’s do this together!
Rev. Ken Walters, Ph.D.

Location Director and Academic Dean for Northpoint LA


Northpoint (formerly Zion Bible College) is a Bible College in New England with satellite campuses in different locations, including this one- Northpoint LA! We were founded in 1924 by Rev. Christine Gibson as a faith school, and our history is rich with stories of the miraculous hand of God. Our LA campus operates out of the Assemblies of God church, CityReach Church, in Whittier, CA. We exist for one reason: to teach and train students in excellent pentecostal ministry. 

what we offer

At Northpoint LA, we offer two degrees; for undergrads, we offer a BA in Bible and Theology, along with a series of practical secondary majors. For graduates, we offer a MA in Practical Theology.

Northpoint Bible College Degrees are fully accredited through the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Feel free to click on the button below if you would like more information regarding our accreditation status and those associated with it.